Lower Mortgage Rates Through Credit Profile Optimization
Our 3-step process ensures you get a great low rate and less hassle when getting a mortgage
There are more than 19 different versions of the FICO scoring model...
Mortgage rates are directly tied to your credit score... the higher your credit score, the better the mortgage rates you may qualify for.

But it takes more than just paying your bills on time to have a great credit score.

With over 15 different factors that could affect your credit score, do you want to leave having your best scores to chance?
Our Process for Getting You Low Rates
Step 1
First we analyze your credit profile for opportunities to improve your scores, knowing just a few critical points can result in substantial savings.
Step 2
Once your credit has been optimized, we match you with a lender offering the most competitive rates for your unique credit and financial situation.
Step 3
Then we help you to close your loan on time with no hassle while you save money on fees and payments with your new low rate mortgage!
Step 1
First we analyze your credit profile for opportunities to improve your scores, knowing just a few critical points can result in substantial savings.
Step 2
Once your credit has been optimized, we match you with a lender offering the most competitive rates for your unique credit and financial situation.
Ready to have your credit profile analyzed?
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A Mortgage For Every Credit Situation
We're ready to work with you whether you have great credit, good credit, or damaged credit.
Great Credit
Great credit comes with great rewards...
If you have great credit already, we're ready to help you get rewarded with great rates and fast turn times. 

Mortgage and Credit Pro works with lenders who offer the most competitive rates to borrowers with great credit and strong borrowing profiles.

We'll still analyze your credit for any opportunities to improve scores, correct inaccuracies, and qualify for lower rates.
Good Credit
If you have good credit but have had an issue or two in the past, we can help...
We work with multiple lenders to make sure we can find just the right options for you. 

We have access to lenders and loans that can forgive a blemish on your credit report and still offer you a great rate.

Damaged Credit
Damaged credit doesn't have to ruin your dreams of owning your own home...
Damaged credit not only affects your finances—but your life. The financial burden caused by damaged credit can be devastating. It can cost you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in ongoing finance charges, costs and fees. 

Everything from your insurance rate to your monthly cell phone fee is financially impacted by damaged credit. The negative effects of damaged credit can also impact your personal life by preventing you from getting a job or being promoted at your current job, from buying or renting a home, getting a credit card, or even buying a car. 

Most individuals faced with credit problems are not aware that there are things that can be done to successfully restore and build their credit score. We have the resources to help you with the Credit Restoration process.
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"How to Qualify For a Low Rate Mortgage without the Headaches, Hassles, or Haggling!"
I'm John, and I'm Here To Help
You've heard the horror stories...how hard it is to qualify, the mounds of paperwork you have to provide, the difficulties and delays. Not to mention the fighting, shopping, and haggling to get a good rate.

I've got great news...

I'm here to solve that for you. Go ahead and download my cheat sheet and I'll give you the inside scoop to make qualifying for a great low rate mortgage EASY. Yes, I really did say easy.

When you're ready, the next step in getting a low rate mortgage made easy is to contact me so we can review your unique situation and make sure that you get a low rate mortgage without the stress and hassle that's normally associated with it.

It's easy to reach me - feel free to call me direct or if you prefer you can email me. Either way I'm here to make the experience of getting a mortgage a good one for you.

Whether you need the mortgage to buy a home, or are looking to refinance for a better rate or some cash out of your property, I can help.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Areas We Serve
Have questions about the mortgage process?
Who I Help

First Time Home Buyers

We know how overwhelming the process of buying a home is, especially if it is the first time that you're doing it. We will work closely with you to explain the process, to protect you from making mistakes that could cost you later, and to ensure that your mortgage gets approved and you get the home that you are so excited to be buying!

Move Up and Second Home Buyers

Buying a new home when you currently own one has it's own unique set of concerns. We can answer all of your questions about how to qualify and purchase a home when you already own one whether you're buying a new primary residence or a second vacation home.

Refinancing Home Owners

If you already own your home but you are looking to refinance to either save money with a lower interest rate or possibly take some cash out for any reason, we can help you with that. We also can show you how to make sure you are structuring your new financing to get the best deal possible.

Investment Buyers

If you're buying real estate for investment purposes, we can help you secure low rate financing to maximize your ROI. 

Seniors Seeking Reverse Mortgages

If you are 62 years or older and are looking for options to stay in your home without a mortgage payment or to access your home's equity while still living there, I can answer your questions about reverse mortgages so you can decide if they are right for you.
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